Dong Energy Awarded Contract To Build World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm

With its beginnings in apple orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


Dong Energy has been awarded a contract to build its Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm, at the lowest-ever price for offshore wind in the U.K.

At GBP 57,50/MWh, the strike price for the Contract for Difference (CfD) is 50 percent lower than the previous round of CfD allocations just two years ago, demonstrating the rapid reduction in cost across the industry.

With a massive capacity of 1,386 MW, enough to power more than 1.3 million U.K. homes, Hornsea Project Two will become the world’s biggest wind farm, even surpassing the 1,200 MW giant Hornsea Project One which Dong Energy is currently constructing.

Hornsea Project Two will be built 89 kilometers from the Yorkshire coast and is expected to be operational in 2022.

Hornsea Project Two will contribute significantly to Dong Energy’s ambition of reaching a total offshore wind capacity of 11-12 GW by 2025.

“We’re delighted to be awarded a Contract for Difference for Hornsea Project Two, which is another important step towards fulfilling our vision of making offshore wind the most competitive form of electricity generation,” said Samuel Leupold, executive vice president and CEO of Wind Power at Dong Energy. “We have always promoted size as a key driver for cost. The ideal size of an offshore wind farm is 800-1,500 MW, and therefore it is natural that Hornsea Project Two will deliver record-low costs to society. At the same time, the low-strike price demonstrates the cost saving potential of developer-built offshore grid connections, which in the U.K. is included in the project scope.”

“We remain fully committed to financial discipline, and Hornsea Project Two will be value creating to our investors,” he said.

“This is a breakthrough moment for offshore wind in the U.K. and a massive step forward for the industry,” said Matthew Wright, managing director for Dong Energy U.K. “Not only will Hornsea Project Two provide low cost, clean energy to the U.K., it will also deliver high quality jobs and another huge boost to the U.K. supply chain.”

The Hornsea Project One. (Courtesy: ABB)

“Successive governments deserve great credit for providing the certainty for continued investment in offshore wind, enabling it to become the thriving renewable industry it is today,” he said. “Costs are falling rapidly, long-term and highly-skilled jobs are being created across the North of England, and the U.K. supply chain is going from strength to strength. We’re now really seeing the benefits of this commitment to offshore wind, and there is still so much more to come. Indeed, it has the potential to play a key part in the realization of the U.K.’s industrial strategy.”

Dong Energy already is constructing Hornsea Project One and has started the consultation process for Hornsea Project Three, underlining the huge potential of this area of the North Sea for offshore wind.

Cost-drivers enabling the bid for Hornsea Project Two include:

Scale: Dong Energy’s pipeline of construction projects across the U.K. (Race Bank and Walney Extension in 2018, Hornsea Project One in 2020, and Hornsea Project Two in 2022) creates economies of scale. And with 1,386 MW, Hornsea Project Two has the scale required to secure low costs per MW of construction, and low costs per MWh during a lifetime of operations and maintenance.

Risk reduction: Dong Energy already has several years of experience from developing Hornsea Project One in the North Sea. This reduces construction and operation risk of Hornsea Project Two.

Synergies: Operations and maintenance on both Hornsea projects will be conducted from Dong Energy’s new hub in Grimsby, which also serves other Dong Energy offshore wind farms on the U.K. east coast.

Maturing industry and technology: Innovation of offshore wind turbines, new installation equipment and methods, continuous improvements of foundation design, improved cables with higher capacity, and a growing and competitive supply chain.

With the allocation of the CfD, Dong Energy has now taken a final investment decision on Hornsea Project Two.

Source: Dong Energy

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