NTC Wind Energy offers new foundation anchor bolt cap


NTC Wind Energy recently introduced a new foundation anchor bolt cap designed to combine all of the best features of the IronClad Standard Duty bolt cap and the IronClad Extreme Duty bolt cap.

The IronClad Super Duty foundation anchor bolt cap — made exclusively in the U.S. — has an integrated O-ring, eliminating the need for one installation. It is less expensive than the Extreme Duty bolt cap, and its polypropylene copolymer design and construction offers superior strength and durability. This new cap will fit any rod from #10 grade 75 to #11-150 KSI and any projection from 10 inches to 16 inches.

NTC Wind Energy’s IronClad Super Duty Foundation Anchor bolt cap. (Courtesy: NTC Wind Energy)

Because of its universal fit, large quantities are in stock and available to be shipped on any customer’s schedule. The IronClad Super Duty bolt cap pushes on the rod quickly and easily and can be removed by hand for re-tensioning or bolt inspection and then reinstalled without damage to the cap.

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