GE Celebrates Installation of its 25,000th Turbine Worldwide


GE recently celebrated its 25,000th wind turbine installation — a milestone for the company which now has more than 38 GW of installed wind turbines around the world.

Altogether, GE’s 25,000 wind turbines generate the equivalent energy needed to charge 25 billion smartphones or provide the electricity needed for approximately 28 million European households for a year.

“We are thrilled to be reaching this milestone alongside our customers,” said Anne McEntee, president and chief executive officer of GE’s renewable energy business. “Through continued technology investment and collaboration with global developers like Energiekontor, wind will continue advancing as a competitive source of renewable energy around the world.”

GE reached the milestone during the installation of a 2.75-103 wind turbine with wind developer Energiekontor at the Uthlede wind farm in Lower Saxony, Germany, earlier this month. The Uthlede wind farm will contain twelve 2.75-103 GE wind turbines—developed and manufactured at the European headquarters of GE’s renewable energy business in Salzbergen, Germany.