Gearbox Express Builds 75,000 Square-Foot Facility in Wisconsin

Rapid growth, dwindling capacity prompts remanufacturer to double plant size


Gearbox Express , an independent company focused on providing down-tower, wind gearbox remanufacturing services, is building a 75,000-square-foot manufacturing facility south of Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

Founding partner and CEO Bruce Neumiller, CEO, cites lack of capacity to support the company’s growth as the major reason. “When we started operations in 2012, we had a vision on how to help wind farm owners protect and manage their assets,” said Neumiller. “Our growth has exceeded expectations to the point of needing to double our facility space. Owners are embracing the value we bring in keeping their investments running and we need a facility that helps us fulfill our promise to deliver efficient and high-quality customer service from a company bringing dedicated gearing, bearing and gearbox expertise.”

Gearbox Express is the first facility to be built in a newly established industrial park in Mukwonago, located about 30 miles west of Milwaukee. The new facility will incorporate the same climate-controlled and specialized mechanical offerings as the current location, including its highly flexible, technologically advanced 3.1MW test stand. The current test stand will relocate to the new site, but an additional plate will be added to maximize set-up.

Construction began in December and Gearbox Express is expected to be fully up-and-running by the end of third quarter, 2015.  

— Source: Gearbox Express