Hazon Solutions Announces Cloud-Based Drone Management Software


Hazon Solutions, the national leader in drone-inspection services, recently announced the launch of the Hazon Drone Management System (Hazon DMS). Hazon DMS is a secure, web-based management tool providing all drone operators, whether hobbyists with a single drone or a large corporation with hundreds of drones, a way to safely and efficiently track and manage their drone fleet, pilots, and workflow.

“Hazon DMS is the first software designed by professional drone pilots, for professional drone pilots,” said Ed Hine, Hazon director of drone capability development. “We designed it to be a robust, yet simple to use, management tool that can handle all of our safety, maintenance, operational, and pilot management requirements with one efficient application.”

Some of the Hazon DMS features include remote pilot (RP) logbooks, RP qualifications tracking, asset tracking, client management, proactive safety and maintenance tracking and reporting, and workflow management. Hazon DMS is offered as software as a service through the freemium model for individual users.

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“At Hazon, we believe it is important to actively promote the safe and responsible use of drones throughout the entire drone industry, so we offer a free subscription to everyone,” said Hazon COO and Co-Founder Sean Cushing. “Startup drone businesses now have the ability to utilize this very powerful tool early in their life cycle. This will allow them to focus on operating drones safely and with professional processes in place from Day 1.”

Hazon DMS is a cloud-based service offered at three levels. The “Remote Pilot” level is free to individual users with up to two drones. The “Drone Team” level is for multi-person, multi-drone operations available on a per-user, per-month fee schedule. The “Enterprise Systems” level is designed for larger organizations, municipalities, or universities with organic drone operations that require features such as customized branding, alternative licensing and hosting options, dedicated 24/7 customer support, optional custom analytics, and multi-tiered administrators.

“Even though it is already the most capable management software for the drone industry, we are quickly working to deploy the next set of advanced features,” Hine said. “One of the things that makes Hazon DMS so unique and powerful is that in order to support our customers’ needs and adapt to the rapid changes in our industry, we will update the tool with speed and purpose.”

Hazon DMS has recently completed beta testing with a wide range of drone operations including Hazon Solutions, the York County Fire Department, Aerial Works, and Liberty University. It is available at www.HazonDMS.com.  

Source: Hazon Solutions

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