Katrick wind panel tech shows promising energy capture results


Glasgow-based greentech company Katrick Technologies has developed a new form of wind-power technology that does not use rotary parts. Katrick Technologies’ Wind Panel instead uses the ducting effect and converts mechanical oscillations into clean energy. The principles of the ducting effect used to develop DWTs apply to the Wind Panel and have been instrumental in the development, patenting, and validation of the technology.

Katrick’s Wind Panels can be fitted to existing structures, greenfield sites, and microgrids. (Courtesy: Katrick Technologies)

The Wind Panel uses several channeling ducts containing aerofoils. These aerofoils convert the kinetic energy of wind to mechanical oscillations, which are then converted to energy.
The aerofoils operate independently from one another, in contrast to the rotary blades of a turbine. Energy is collected in smaller pockets, meaning that unlike traditional rotary technology, the Wind Panel can capture instantaneous changes in wind speed and direction.

This makes the panels sensitive to gust winds and a higher range of speeds and frequencies than turbines. Thanks to the unique design and ability to capture a wider variety of winds, the panels can be fitted to existing structures, greenfield sites, and microgrids. They can be installed at ground level to capture ground-effect winds and benefit from the increased flow rate found in previous research.

The Wind Panels provide a new solution for wind energy in locations where traditional turbines are not viable.

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