Mammoet climbs to new heights at WindEnergy expo


Last month, Mammoet revealed new crane technology and 3D engineering experiences at the world’s leading expo for the wind industry: WindEnergy Hamburg. Exhibiting at the event, which ran from September 25-28, Mammoet focused on immersive technologies to demonstrate new techniques and cranes designed specifically for the wind industry.

Mammoet helps clients improve construction efficiency and optimize uptime. (Courtesy: Mammoet)

Leading the exhibit were two new concept cranes that are set to eliminate the physical limitations of wind energy construction and maintenance. Using the wind turbine tower as the point of support, the Wind Turbine Assembly (WTA) crane and the Wind Turbine Maintenance (WTM) crane climb the tower to lift and lower loads. These cranes will set new benchmarks for safe, quick and efficient construction and maintenance.

Mammoet 3D Engineering also took a central place on the stand. Visitors stepped into the world of virtual reality to experience these new cranes and view engineering and lifting plans in action.

Sebastian Pohl, director of sales at Mammoet Germany, said, “Innovations such as climbing cranes and the ability to fully immerse stakeholders in the virtual engineering and construction of turbines gives more control over each stage of the project. Manufacturers can build bigger and more powerful turbines and owner/operators can realize the efficiencies that can be made in each stage of construction.”