Low emission CMS developed by Bachmann, Nordex


Bachmann Monitoring, a leading provider of turbine monitoring systems, has developed a condition monitoring system (CMS) with extremely low electromagnetic interference emissions for a highly sensitive Dutch wind park.

Dutch wind park De Drentse Monden en Oostermoer (DMO) represented a real technical challenge for Bachmann. The CMS had to maintain electromagnetic interference emission levels significantly below the typical legal limit. In partnership with turbine manufacturer Nordex Group, whose N131/3900 turbine was built for particularly low interference emissions, Nordex and Bachmann presented a convincing solution to clients Duurzame Energieproductie Exloermond BV, Raedthuys DDM B.V., and Wind Park Oostermoer Exploitatie B.V.

The “DMO” wind park, expected to have a total capacity of 171.6 MW, is near the central antenna field of the “Low-Frequency Array” (LOFAR). This Europe-wide network containing thousands of highly sensitive radio antennas is used by the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy ASTRON to research the universe. To avoid interference with the world’s largest antenna network, electromagnetic emissions from the wind park had to be kept to a minimum. To achieve this, Nordex asked Bachmann to reduce the emissions of its CMS, normally operating in the range of 30 MHz to 240 MHz, to a level of at least 35 dB below the quasi-peak value.

The EMC test facility at Bachmann electronic GmbH: Measurement of electromagnetic emissions. (Courtesy: Bachmann Monitoring)

“Our CMS first had to be examined intensively and then adapted to meet this challenging requirement. The emissions are currently far below the legal limits,” said Bachmann Monitoring GmbH Managing Director Holger Fritsch.

Emission values were measured by independent third parties in the test turbine with installed CMS, erected by Nordex last year. ASTRON also confirmed very low electromagnetic emissions from the entire system.

Nordex and Bachmann have enjoyed a successful partnership for more than 10 years. In addition to remote monitoring services and CMS, new CMS functions are being jointly developed. This technological partnership also extends to the latest generation of the “Delta4000,” in which the Bachmann GMP232 module is used for grid measurement, grid protection, and wind-park control.

MORE INFO www.bachmann.info/en/products/condition-monitoring-system