GRTC improves its Golden Spiral Turbine


Fort Myers, Florida-based Golden Ratio Turbine Concepts, LLC (GRTC), a Golden Ratio rotary concept developer, has completed wind testing of its latest Golden Spiral Wind Turbine prototype model. The new vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) model is a derivative of the previous prototype that recently proved the design’s spiral concept.

GRTC released information stating that the new Golden Spiral VAWT prototype has improved performance over the previous version due to its newer rotary spiral wing mold design and its lighter and stronger internal rotor construction method.

Inventor and founder of GRTC James Walker said the new spiral wing design and lighter weight served to enhance the rotor’s low wind-speed efficiency, resulting in 15 percent higher power outputs than the previous model at 10 ms (22 mph). This new rotor and the previous rotor sweep the same area and were both mounted on the same test bed PMG generator platform in order to gather precise comparison data.

Walker said the new Golden Spiral VAWT model begins charging batteries between 8 and 9 mph and operates smoothly and silently over the entire range of wind speeds tested. The VAWT’s new Golden Spiral wing, along with the Golden Ratio proportions and geometry of the design, produces a wind-energy machine that embodies the essence of tropical cyclones. These spiral elements and proportional features serve to create a natural wind engine of compound unity that reacts immediately to sudden gusts or shifts in wind direction and then converts them into rotational force. This ability to collect all the wind energy is not available to the conventional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) common in the industry.

Those HAWTs need smooth and steady air flow over their blades and do not react well to changes in wind speed or direction. Likewise, certain VAWT devices experience shuddering and vibration moments when encountering shifts and gusts. Generally, both those HAWT and certain VAWT devices create substantial noise, whereas GRTC’s Golden Spiral VAWT is virtually silent. Furthermore, the GRTC spiral rotor has more torque than those radial rotors.

GRTC is now offering partnership and alliance opportunities to parent companies that can provide small wind-turbine manufacturing and marketing skills. Walker is confident there is a good market for his patented technology and now that the concept has been successfully proven, it is a good time for a larger entity to make an agreement and further develop the turbines under the parameters set forth in the inventor’s patent.

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