New Clutches Have Excellent Torque Transmission Features

With its beginnings in apple orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


Miki Pulley’s CS Electromagnetic actuated clutches are durable, versatile and have excellent torque transmission features.

CS Clutches provide an efficient connection between a motor and a load providing low inertia, minimal drag, and quiet operation. They function using the magnetic force generated by the energized coil providing engagement of input and output members of the clutch.


Available with three different armatures, Miki Pulley CS Clutches consist of a clutch stator, rotor, and armature assembly. They feature an integrated bearing design making mounting fast and easy while ensuring application concentricity and excellent system runout. CS Clutches operate well in temperatures from 14°F to 104° F (-10°C to 40°C).

Available in bores ranging from 10 mm to 15 mm, with brake torques ranging from 3.687 ft. lbs. to 236.02 ft. lbs. (5 Nm to 320 Nm). The CS Clutch uses corrosion resistant materials and is RoHS compliant like all other Miki products.

“Miki Pulley’s CS Clutches stand apart from competitor’s models, in that they incorporate specialized composites and alloys promoting durability and longer operational life,” said Jon Davidson, Miki Pulley sales specialist. “Miki Pulley’s friction-type design operates smoothly and quietly, making them an ideal choice for digital printing systems, and similar equipment requiring near noiseless operation.”

Source: Miki Pulley

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