Pemamek offers custom welding for offshore platforms


Pemamek LLC specializes in modular customized automated welding systems for large offshore wind-energy platforms. Difficult-to-weld components comprising monopile and floating platform bases can be joined by combining a customized selection of fit-up and adaptive robotic welding technologies, rollerbeds, column and booms, and other systems, all controlled by one operator and one software system.

Pemamek’s wind tower welding platform. (Courtesy: Pemamek)

The thick heavy plates found in most monopile and floating platforms must be welded together perfectly to avoid loss of strength to hold towers that weigh thousands of tons. Pemamek’s 100- to 1,200-ton rollerbeds are designed to reduce seam volume and decrease the amount of needed filler material, featuring a hydraulic anti-creep function to prevent axial movement during welding. Multiple rollerbeds can be included in the overall welding system, communicating weight shifts via positioners for optimal alignment when joining the top and bottom sections of the monopile. One person controls the entire system using the WeldControl 100 and 500 weld management systems, creating a safer work environment, eliminating the need for cranes and multiple welders.

“Welders can preset all welding parameters based on data collected via scanning,” said Michael Bell, sales director for Pemamek North America. “Several welds can be performed at the same time by one operator, working from digital measurements taken from the actual workpiece. The guesswork is eliminated and there will be virtually no mistakes with the weld with our adaptive fill technology. This is crucial when joining large plates that will be placed in harsh marine conditions.”

The PEMA Flange Fitting Station can be added to the workshop configuration, enabling fast, safe, and accurate fitting and welding of flanges to wind tower and monopile foundation sections.

The FF station is flexible enough to handle variations of flange designs and can be integrated with PEMA Column & Boom, which enables welding to be done in the same place, reducing weld time and increasing welding efficiency.

Pemamek provides welding automation technology and integrated manufacturing solutions to a wide range of industries including shipbuilding, alternative energies, heavy fabrication, oil and gas, wind energy and boiler manufacturing.

The company offers welding positioners, column and boom units, roller beds and robotic solutions as well as its PEMA WeldControl operating and control software.

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