PSI Repair Services Repairs Its 30,000th Turbine Part


PSI Repair Services Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries and leading independent service provider to the wind-energy industry, announced it recently shipped its 30,000th repaired wind-turbine part to a prominent wind-energy company. Since 2009, PSI has provided economical repairs, as well as industry-leading engineering services, for the largest wind farms in the United States.

PSI’s repair services cover all the leading wind-turbine manufacturers, such as GE, Vestas, Suzlon, Gamesa, Siemens, RePower, and Clipper. Commonly repaired components include printed circuit boards, pitch drive systems, inverters, converters, thermistors, IGBTs, PLCs, VRCC units, AEBIs, proportional valves, hydraulic pumps, pitch and yaw motors, encoders, slip rings, transducers, yaw modules, 3-phase bridge rectifiers, blade-bearing automatic grease dispensers, active crowbars, oil level sensors, battery chargers, cold climate converters, and much more.

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PSI’s engineering services include custom tests, root-cause analysis, product upgrades, remanufacturing, and new product-manufacturing services. The custom test program leverages advanced diagnostic equipment, allowing PSI to detect hard part failures, as well as parts degraded due to stress, right down to the microchip level. The root cause analysis service allows PSI to get a comprehensive view into a customer’s production environment to identify all the elements that are connected to recurring problems so the appropriate corrective actions eliminate the problem once and for all. The product upgrade service allows PSI to improve upon legacy design with newer, more reliable technology. PSI’s remanufacturing services are available for obsolete and unsalvageable parts, such as circuit boards and power supplies. Finally, the new product manufacturing service is available for customers who need a cost-effective option to produce a small run of unique legacy parts or components.

“PSI is proud to support the renewable energy industry,” said Mike Fitzpatrick, general manager of PSI Repair Services Inc. “We understand the importance of keeping wind turbines up and running, so we have created a wide variety of solutions to help O&M professionals achieve those objectives.” 

Source: PSI Repair Services Inc.

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