Trelleborg Completes Its Leg Can System Portfolio

With its beginnings in apple orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


Trelleborg’s engineered products operation is growing its portfolio of offshore floatover solutions, with a custom designed skirt pile gripper. Add to this its grout seal, diaphragm closure, and grout packer products, and Trelleborg customers can now specify a total sub-structure leg can system from one source.

The skirt pile gripper (SPG) is welded onto the upper section of a platform’s jacket skirt pile sleeves and is designed to create a temporary connection between the pile and jacket during the grouting process. With unique biting teeth for increased contact area, Trelleborg’s innovative design delivers a firmer grip. This fixing method reduces risks during platform installation, as it guarantees stable working conditions, even in inclement weather.

A skirt pile gripper. (Courtesy: Trelleborg)

“Jacket installation of a substructure into the seabed is an operation that requires product reliability and on site expertise,” said J.P. Chia, engineering manager for Trelleborg’s engineered products operation. “Until the grout between pile and jacket has set and the installation is completed, the SPGs hold the jacket’s piles firmly in place to provide temporary retention of the jacket’s elevation position during levelling operations and grout setting. By growing our portfolio to offer a total leg can system solution, customers can benefit from streamlined procurement, reliable functionality, and interfacing of the entire system from purchase through to delivery from one solution provider.”

Trelleborg’s custom-made SPGs can be designed to have a holding capacity of between 500 and 3,000 metric tons and are compatible with all offshore oil and gas and windfarm HVDC jackets. Working at operating pressures of 200 bar and higher according to customer testing requirements, and water depths to 250 meters, Trelleborg’s SPGs exceed all relevant client standards and is DNV GL certified.

Trelleborg’s SPGs are fully developed and tested in-house at its facility in Singapore. Full scale testing, biting teeth friction testing and pressure holding testing are all carried out and exceed client specified standards to ensure Trelleborg’s SPGs perform during the critical grouting process.

Source: Trelleborg

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