Wind turbine prototype reveals spiral airfoil


Golden Ratio Turbine Concepts (GRTC), a fluid flow spiral rotor inventor, recently revealed its advanced 3-D Spiral Wing Airfoil in its newest vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) prototype. This is the latest version of VAWT devices in the company’s “Cyclonic” VAWT Group.

All GRTC turbines incorporate their patented extended spiral leverage arm feature that develops more rotor torque force in less space.

Golden Ratio Turbine Concepts revealed its advanced 3-D Spiral Wing Airfoil in its newest vertical axis wind turbine. (Courtesy: Golden Ratio Turbine Concepts)

“The new spiral airfoil is a compound blend of transverse spiral line segments, which are intersected by vertical arc segments to form a partially closed area of space having a low cross section reflective convex outer surface that creates a lift force similar to an airplane wing,” said GRTC spokesman James Walker.

“These wings overlap each other in succession like the spiral bands of a cyclone and produce an overall turbine profile that facilitates smooth airflow pressure, resulting in a very quiet turbine.”

The company is focused on developing small on-site devices that use their increased torque to begin generating power in lower wind speeds without noisy blades, contending that their spiral design has more torque that a propeller blade radial design because the distance from the outer spiral tip to its inner linking point is longer than the distance of a radial blade tip to its inner linking point.

GRTC expects a time when increased global energy demands and decreased supplier reliability cause supply chain failure.

Oil independence and developing small on-site and clean-energy solutions are wise investments for a better future.

On-site hybrid wind and solar power is a logical choice for meeting increased electrical needs in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, stores, and factories. Quiet GRTC “Cyclonic” VAWTs can be a part of that energy solution.

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