WindCube Lidar suite maker Leosphere is now Vaisala


Leosphere, maker of the WindCube Lidar suite, is now Vaisala, as it completes integration with Vaisala, who purchased the company in 2018.

Developers around the globe are using WindCube to reduce risk, improve bankability and decision-making, and make better investments. (Courtesy: Vaisala )

From Lidars, sensors, and systems to digital services and actionable intelligence, Vaisala’s enhanced range of comprehensive offerings for wind and solar energy applications provides industry-leading integration, scalability, and data quality. The WindCube suite’s accurate and reliable intelligence arms decision-makers with the insights needed to innovate, evolve practices, improve accuracy and efficiency, and meet renewable energy challenges with confidence.

“Backed by its 85-plus-year proven track record and global leadership, Vaisala is a leading wind and solar technology partner, driving the successful evolution of renewable energy for a healthier, greener, and more innovative future,” the company said in a press release.

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