X1 Wind ready to install PivotBuoy prototype


Technology developer X1 Wind has laid its dynamic cable and is now ready for final installation of its floating wind prototype at the PLOCAN Test Site in the Canary Islands.

“The 20kV dynamic cable will allow us to fully validate the floater and wind-turbine performance, feeding the electricity to PLOCAN’s smart grid, as well as transmitting data through its fiber optic connection,” said Adrian Oliva, X1 Wind’s electrical engineering manager. “Also, we will be able to validate the cable’s dynamic behavior. Understanding how our TLP mooring system reduces motions and loads on the cable, compared to catenary systems, is crucial as it will reduce fatigue and potentially extend the lifetime of this critical component.”

X1 Wind is ready for the PivotBuoy prototype installation after laying of its dynamic cable. (Courtesy: X1 Wind)

X1 Wind’s team will wait for a suitable weather window to complete the towing and hook-up of the prototype.

X1 Wind’s technology is fitted with a turbine in a downwind configuration, enabling the structure to “weathervane” and orientate passively to maximize energy yields. It drives greater structural efficiency with a light and flexible design, which further supports future mass production at lower cost.

The platform uses a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) mooring system, which reduces the platform and cable dynamic motions, minimizes the footprint on the seabed, as well as allows its installation in deep waters.

“With the launch and implementation of X1 Wind X30 model, connected with our special dynamic cable, we finished another project for developing clean and sustainable energy,” said Rui Batista, Hengtong central Europe region sales director. “We are very pleased and proud to have participated in the realization of such a visionary project. Congratulations to the whole team and best wishes for success. We look forward to participating in more new energy projects with X1 Wind.”

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