Zero-Max tool offers pre-set torque value


The Zero-Max Torq-Tender™ is an enclosed device with no external adjustment features. It has a pre-set torque value and, once installed, cannot be changed. This feature safeguards against improper or unauthorized torque adjustments.

Designed to avoid system damage, Zero-Max Torq-Tenders provide dependable overload protection. When a jam-up or excessive loading occurs, the built-in Torq-Tender will reliably and quickly release to prevent system damage. Proper torque setting ensures the machine operates and reacts the way it was intended. The Torq-Tender’s pre-set torque with no external adjustment feature, ensures the proper torque setting is maintained.

Zero-Max Torq-Tender™ (left) have torque springs with pre-set torque value (right). When system jam up or overload occurs, the Torq-Tender releases at the pre-set torque value.

Additional Zero-Max Torq-Tender features include:
• Standard Torq-Tenders are bi-directional. Torque values remain the same regardless of rotation.
• If specified, the Torq-Tender can be configured at the factory to release at different torque ratings for different rotational directions.
• When used as a coupling, the Torq-Tender fulfills two functions: as a flexible shaft coupling and as a mechanical torque limiter.

Designed with heat-treated steel, Zero-Max Torq-Tenders are manufactured and assembled to operate in a wide variety of demanding industrial environments. Special designs and finishes are available to withstand the most adverse operating conditions.