CrewSmart names new commercial director

Anna Saunders is the new commercial director at CrewSmart. (Courtesy: CrewSmart)

CrewSmart, the end-to-end management system for maritime operations, recently hired Anna Saunders to support the global rollout of its software platform to maritime businesses. Saunders joins from offshore energy support vessel (OESV) operator Seacat Services, where she led the company’s crew management team.

“CrewSmart transformed Seacat’s crew and fleet management into a highly efficient, simplified system, led by state-of-the-art cloud technology,” Saunders said. “It’s now time to build upon the company’s successes and deliver this product to the global market. Our senior team is ready to show maritime operators that keeping up with complex regulatory and certification requirements doesn’t have to be a burden.”

The new commercial director will work alongside CrewSmart’s founder and technical director Christian Adams as the company seeks to increase deployment of its proven software.

Providing integrated support for personnel, operational, commercial, and financial management requirements, CrewSmart is now an established platform across the European, U.S., and Asian markets chosen for its efficiency and technological simplicity. The system is now employed by operators across sectors, including maritime security, workboat, oil and gas, wind-farm support, subsea survey, and shipping.

Having spent time leading Seacat’s crew management team, where CrewSmart supports the team’s operations, Saunders understands the effect that cloud solutions can have on certification and maintenance compliance, work scheduling, and operational safety. CrewSmart’s senior team is now bolstered by in-house expertise that understands the complexity and requirements of managing modern maritime operations.

“Crew and fleet managers need to be on the top of their game to mitigate the growing compliance risks associated with modern maritime operations,” said Christian Adams, CrewSmart’s founder and technical director. “Over the past few years, we’ve refined CrewSmart into an effective and simple tool that’s successfully been deployed across different sectors and regulatory zones. With Anna onboard, we’re in a strong position to build on our successes and help a wider pool of global industry players up their game when it comes to compliant, effective maritime operations.”

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