Mammoet completes wind-farm load-out in Spain


Mammoet has completed the load-outs of five floating wind platforms at the Navantia Fene Shipyard in Spain. The platforms will form part of the largest floating offshore wind farm in the world, Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm.

“Having worked at this quay before doing similar complex operations, it was the key factor to deliver the floating wind platforms successfully on time,” said Javier De Pablo Arenzana, Mammoet Spain sales manager. “In addition to our pool of resources and equipment, this meant we were able to offer our client a high degree of flexibility in terms of the project schedule. We believe these capabilities make us well-suited to supporting the growth of the offshore floating sector.”

Load-out at Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm. (Courtesy Mammoet)

Considering platform weights, the surface conditions on the quay were of paramount importance. To minimize operational risk, Mammoet prepared the quay by installing hundreds of steel plates to level the surface in places where it had previously been uneven.

Coordinating with various stakeholder groups flexibly was also required to execute each operation on schedule. This included organizing each operation to meet the appropriate tide levels and weather conditions and marrying these with the availability of the specialist seagoing vessel contractor and Navantia Fene Shipyard.

Once the quay was prepared and the specialist seagoing vessel docked, Mammoet had only a short window in which it could execute each operation. Mobilizing 100 axle lines of SPMTs split between the three columns of the triangular footprint, the floating foundation was loaded onto the three sets of SPMTs, transferred 100 meters across the quay, and transversely loaded onto the vessel using 54 meters of RoRo ramps. Mammoet completed this operation five times over several months.

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