New Wind-Power Generator Uses Direct Drive And Solar For Added Efficiencies


A new design for wind-power generators uses a conical vortex that moves air through the unit with as little interference as possible, reducing heat and improving efficiency.

The cowl-housed design addresses many of the problems of the wind turbines of today — height requirements, whoosh noise, high maintenance costs, downtime for maintenance, high-wind and low-wind downtime, and limited access to transmission lines — to name just a few. The design also eliminates the weight, drag, and maintenance of a transmission and drive chain since it uses direct drive.

Taking advantage of a second renewable energy source, the patented design uses solar cells to provide power when wind speed is too low or too high. Unlike conventional wind turbines, the technology covered by this patent is scalable, so units can be manufactured in various sizes and generating capabilities. In addition to industrial, commercial, and residential applications, this design is ideal for providing power to charge electric vehicles.

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U.S. Patent No. 8,269,368 for a “Wind and Solar Electric Generator” is exclusively represented by leading patent brokerage firm IPOfferings LLC.  

“The ’368 patent represents what is absolutely the next generation in wind turbines,” said Alec Schibanoff, vice president of IPOfferings. “Its patented direct-drive design eliminates the cost, drag, and maintenance of the transmissions and drive chains that current generation of wind turbines use to transmit power from the blades to the actual power-generation unit. The question people ask when they see a brilliant invention is always the same: Why didn’t someone think of this before? It is amazing that the wind-power industry has not considered direct-drive design in their wind-power generation units.” 

Source: IPOfferings

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